Ten patients successfully treated with blueflow venous stent

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Published in Medical Device News Magazine 2018-04-03

Venous stents – An overview

BVMed informational video in cooperation with Dr Michael Lichtenberg, Head of Angiology, Arnsberg Hospital

Vascular diseases of pelvic veins are not uncommon. Congenital constrictions, leg vein occlusions, or past thromboses often cause pain in the affected patients and are accompanied by swelling of the legs. In most cases, the problem of an altered pelvic vein is only recognized at a late stage.

Venous stenting can significantly diminish the suffering of patients.

In this minimally invasive procedure, a balloon is used to widen the leg vein. The subsequently placed venous stent stabilizes the vein, thereby allowing unhindered blood flow back to the heart. The complaints regress.

For this procedure, patients must remain at the hospital for about 2-3 days. The stent can remain in the body for life and significantly improves the quality of life.


CE mark approval for blueflow Venous Stent


Dr. Georg Landsberg, founder and CEO plus medica in Germany, is pleased to announce that their blueflow Venous Stent received CE mark in January.

The blueflow Venous Stent, developed and manufactured in Germany is a two Nitinol wire braided stent to treat venous outflow obstructions of the lower extremities. “Its high flexibility gives the physician more treatment options below the inguinal ligament”, says Dr. Georg Landsberg.
First cases are already scheduled in a dedicated venous center.